Out of all the technologies I’ve been looking at for “what’s next”, Nodejs is the one I’m most excited about. Only a few months ago I was guessing that Node.js would be ready for prime time in about three years. I was figuring on another year for stability and security issues to settle down, another year for the API’s and libraries to be in good shape, and one more year for the technology to prove itself in real world scenarios. It may not be 100% ready for every problem but its a lot further along than I had imagined in such a short time.

I attended a recent TechTalksTO event where James Duncan from Joyent spoke about their use of node.js.  He said that Joyent is already using node.js in production extensively, and happily.  Joyent also provides free node.js hosting for developers who want to get their feet wet without setting up a server.

Here are my slides for the Introduction to Node.js talk at TEC 20ii:

Cloud Programming: Introduction to Node.js

If you’re following along, here are links to the source code: